48 hour trip to Zurich

Are you thinking about going to Switzerland? Not only Bern should be on your visit list, but Zurich too! I spent two days at this location before heading to Bern and I had a great time in Zurich. Here are my tips for a 48 hour trip to Zurich.48 hour trip to Zurich Switzerland on Will's Wanderlust

If you have ever been to Switzerland, or if you are planning your trip, you must know that Switzerland is expensive.. Luckily, there are some ways you can make it affordable for yourself, even in Zurich.

Explore the Old Town by foot

The Old Town of Zurich is beautiful and best to explore by foot. Many streets are not suitable for cars or public transport so if you don’t want to miss anything you need to take a walk anyway. I would advise you to start at the Zurich train station and walk along the west side of the Limmat river. You will find a lot of highlight while you walk to the Quaibrücke, which is where you cross the river to explore the east side of the Old Town. This bridge also gives you a great view of Lake Zurich. Once at the the other side of the river, make your way back to the train station and see the highlights there. Make sure to check out some maps so you don’t miss a highlight. In a lot of hotels or hostels you can get free maps of the city, use them!48 hour trip to Zurich Switzerland on Will's Wanderlust

Go up the Lindenhof for the view

As you are already exploring Zurich by foot, go to Lindenhof Platz for the view. Lindenhof gives you a great view of the city and is very quiet and peaceful. You can take your pictures and enjoy the view there, but it is also a great place to take a moment to relax. A lot of locals use this place to relax too. And if you want to save some money you can buy some lunch at a local supermarket before going to Lindenhof. Who needs a fancy restaurant when you have this view?48 hour trip to Zurich Switzerland on Will's Wanderlust48 hour trip to Zurich Switzerland on Will's Wanderlust

Check out the vouchers at your hostel or hotel

A lot of hostels or hotel offer some discount vouchers for activities or restaurants. I always take some with me to look at while making a stop during the day. I discovered some great places and deals because of these vouchers. Plus, it is a great way to save money.

Talking about money, the next tips will cost you some. But then again, you knew Switzerland is an expensive destination, right?

Take a trolley tour

YAY, I love the tourist tours! I take a tour in almost every city I visit because it is an easy and fast way to explore the city. The best is to take a tour on your first day in the city, and mark the places you want to see after the tour. The classic trolley tour in Zurich costs 34 Swiss Franc (€31/  $33) and takes about 2 hours. The bus stops twice to give you some time to walk around.48 hour trip to Zurich Switzerland on Will's Wanderlust48 hour trip to Zurich Switzerland on Will's Wanderlust 48 hour trip to Zurich Switzerland on Will's Wanderlust

Swiss fondue

To be honest, I saved my Swiss fondue time for when I was in Bern.. But EVERYONE is eating fondue in Zurich! You can sit down basically at any restaurant in the Old Town and enjoy some Swiss fondue, it is just the best.

With that, I think you have made the best of your 48 hour trip to Zurich. Obviously, you can go into every highlight or museum during your trip if you want to. There is plenty of time to add extra activities into your schedule.

Have fun in Zurich!

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