5 tips for Switzerland on a budget

Switzerland is one of the most expensive cities to travel to in Europe. Many travelers skip this country to save money but the only thing you will win with that is regret. Switzerland is a beautiful country and an absolute must see! Don’t be thrown off by the prices you come across, since there are plenty of options to keep it affordable. Here are 5 tips to travel to Switzerland on a budget.

1. Travel off-season

First and foremost, travel off-season! It saves you about half of the costs on travel and accommodation expenses. If you are afraid of cold winters in the Swiss mountains, travel during the so called shoulder seasons. This is in April to June, September and October for Switzerland. The weather can even be more pleasant in spring or fall with vibrant colors, a cool breeze and a soft sun, so it might be a better time to travel anyway.

Switzerland on a budget tips on Will's Wanderlust - Trees in fall in Bern Switzerland Switzerland on a budget tips on Will's Wanderlust - Large tree with orange leaves

2. Stay in a hostel

No matter how fancy you think you are, just stay in a hostel instead of a hotel. This should be on top of your mind when you visit Switzerland since it is one of the best ways to save money. Although a shared room in a hostel is not cheap too, you pay about 30 to 90 euros a night. If you are out of luck the prices can go up to 150 euros (159 USD) a night.. I think you can guess how unaffordable private rooms can be.

3. Avoid public transport when you can

DAMN, all the money I spent on public transport during my trip.. Public transport is NOT cheap, and that is an understatement. A few stops by tram can cost you about 2 or 3 euros (which could have been a 5-minute walk) and it adds up fast. Also, only travel by train when you have to since the costs are even higher. If you can’t avoid traveling by train make sure to book your tickets in advance to get up to 50% discount! I made the mistake of not booking my train tickets in advance and this resulted in public transport being my biggest expense in Switzerland.

4. Don’t eat meat

A lot of people in my hostel mentioned that meat in Switzerland is pricey and advised not to buy or order it. For me this is an easy one, as I am already a vegetarian. I think it will not hurt you to try and eat more veggies too. Once I knew it was expensive I started noticing it on the menu, a meal could cost you double when it includes meat. Go eat them greens!

5. Go out for lunch instead of diner

Taking your time for lunch is just as popular in Switzerland as going out for diner. A lot of lines are formed in front of restaurants around noon so it will be just as cozy. Lunch meals are less expensive but still very much worth it.

Apply these tips and you don’t have to skip Switzerland on your travels.  As you can see it is very much worth it!

Do you have tips for traveling Switzerland on a budget?

Switzerland on a budget tips on Will's Wanderlust - Murtensee in Switzerland Switzerland on a budget tips on Will's Wanderlust - Murtensee in Switzerland

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