Why Barcelona is the perfect summer destination

You probably know the feeling when you think back to a perfect summer.. Having fun with friends, not being worried, feeling like you are on top of the world.. You know, right? I have this feeling when I think of the two-week trip to Barcelona me and my best friend took. It was the perfect summer destination.

There are so many reasons to visit Barcelona, which I will tell you about soon.  Still, a lot of people just plan a short visit to this wonderful city. I went for two weeks and never got bored. Here is why Barcelona you should plan a longer stay in Barcelona.Perfect summer destination Barcelona on Will's Wanderlust - Parkview Perfect summer destination Barcelona on Will's Wanderlust - Soap bubbles in the park

The beach and city are a perfect combination

If you go on a city trip every now and then, you should know how rushed you sometimes feel on those trips. All the pressure of having to see so many things in so little time. Which is the contrary to when you go on a relaxing beach holiday in which your highest priority is to get a perfect tan. Going on a long trip to Barcelona offers you a lot of time to explore the city and to relax on the beach. Barcelona might not have the best beach to lay on all day but together with the city it will offer you the perfect combination.

Different neighborhoods offer you all the diversity you need

Barcelona offers you so many neighborhoods that are diverse and unique in their own way. Among them are El Raval, El Born or Barri Gòtic. El Raval is a home for art and artists with vibrant streets and restaurants. El Born offers unique boutiques that cannot be found elsewhere. It is also a nightlife hotspot with many bars. Barri Gòtic is the heart of the city and the old Roman town. This neighborhood has many ancient buildings, small streets and cute squares. Many more places and neighborhoods are to be explorde in Barcelona. Do some research before you leave to find out which neighborhood fits you best. Book a place to stay in your favorite neighborhood and feel at home easily.Perfect summer destination Barcelona on Will's Wanderlust - The neighborhood El Born


YES, we love food, we do, right?! Spain is famous for its tapas and Barcelona obviously is not shy for it. You can get tapas everywhere you want, at any time. On local markets you can buy ingredients to make your own tapas, but also many other fresh foods and beverages. They are definitely worth a visit!
Also, Barcelona is the where my favorite restaurant is: LUZIA. I love the restaurant for many reasons but mainly because it’s ambience is amazing and relaxing (also, it is somewhat affordable and delicious).If you are a vegetarian like me, you know how hard it can be to find a place that offers you some options. I didn’t have this issue at LUZIA, and went back several times. It is located just a street away from La Rambla and is the opposite of the other restaurants that are located on the La Rambla, which you better could avoid.Perfect summer destination Barcelona on Will's Wanderlust - fresh smoothies at the market

It has rich culture and history

This city will not bore you with its rich culture and history, which can be found in all quarters. Go to a Flamenco show if you feel festive, visit the Picasso Museum if you like art, or see to the Sagrada Família if you want to be amazed.. Even if you like modern art or street art you are in the right place. Barcelona offers something for all.

Perfect summer destination Barcelona on Will's Wanderlust - beautiful Gaudí Park Güell Perfect summer destination Barcelona on Will's Wanderlust - beautiful Gaudí Park Güell with in the background Barcelona

It’s a great city for shopping

Because who doesn’t love shopping?

And on that note, I rest my case. I guess these are enough reasons to convince you to plan a holiday to Barcelona. Just start packing for your perfect two-week trip.

Or do you have another perfect summer destination?

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      Thanks Elizabeth, it sure is magical! Spring is coming soon.. Hang in there girl 😉 X

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      I’m sorry to hear that.. Why was it? I hope when you get back it will be better, it really is a lovely city!

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