Cycling tour in Valencia

Valencia is such an amazing city and it has many things to offer to you. On a citytrip you might feel like you are short in time, so you want to make the most of it. A perfect way to explore the city is to do a cycling tour in Valencia. You can rent a bike anywhere in the city centre or near the park for a fairly cheap price.
Cycling tour in Valencia on Will's WanderlustValencia cycling tour on Will's WanderlustThe Turia Park is the biggest park in Valencia, it is 9 kilometers long and goes all the way through the city centre. It is a meeting place for locals and a highlight for tourists. It is the perfect place to start your cycling tour. You can start at the westside of the park and cycle your way to the east. On your tour you will find sports fields, a fountain park, a skatepark, historic buildings and The City of Arts and Sciences at the end of the park. Make sure to make some stops to take some pictures and have some ice-cream :).Cycling tour in Valencia on Will's WanderlustCycling tour in Valencia on Will's WanderlustCycling tour in Valencia on Will's Wanderlust

After reaching The City of Arts and Sciences I would advise you to cycle a little further to the east. If you do you so you will reach the beach. Yay, time to relax after a long ride! Don’t forget you also have to cycle all the way back, so make your stop count. I had a late lunch at one of the restaurants at the beach and this was a perfect break.Cycling tour in Valencia on Will's Wanderlust

My favorite stop was in the park, surrounded by locals and chilling in the shades. I really loved taking a cycling tour in Valencia, and I think you would too.

Would you give it a try?

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