How to be a better traveler

If you are reading this, you must be like me. You are full of wanderlust but you have limited time and resources to explore this planet.. Don’t worry, there are so many ways to become a better traveler. It all comes down to a few things, which helps you in being able to travel more and make the most of it.

Plan ahead

You are probably tied to a job or other obligations at your hometown, so it is important to plan ahead. This not only includes picking a destination and preparing for it, but also to plan your vacation days smart. Make great use of your weekends and holidays and plan your vacation days ahead.. You are not the only one who knows how to plan smart! Also, it makes it easier to plan a trip when you know which days you are available.

Search for the best deals

We all want to fly to the other end of the world for a dollar and a dime, but this might be too ambition. Still, you must be able to find a good deal if you are aware of the offers that are out there. Subscribe to newsletters or updates from the best travel agencies you know, or set price alerts for your favorite destination. If you do, you must find the best deal possible.Walking the walk in a small France village on Will's Wanderlust - how to be a better traveler

Rethink your options

If you think you have your trip all planned out, think again. There are probably a lot of things you can improve. Did you want to book a plane ticket while it is only a short trip? You might want to take the train or bus instead. If you schedule your train or bus ride during the night, you don’t loose your precious time but you will most likely save some cash. Or, were you thinking of booking a hotel, while you didn’t even check Airbnb or hostels? Think smart, you have so many options nowadays.

Be a local tourist

It takes a lot of your resources if you always travel abroad, but this is not always necessary. Have you ever though about being a tourist in your own country, or even your own city? There must be so many things that you haven’t seen or explored yet, and it could be around the corner from your house. Why only go to a museum or highlight if you are abroad? Why learn everything you can about another country, but forget about your own? Be a local tourist and it might surprise you that there is so much to explore nearby.

Walking the walk in a small France village on Will's Wanderlust - how to be a better traveler

Do free activities

Google ‘Free things to do in …’ and you get a long list of things that don’t cost you a thing. Some churches, galleries, tours, etc., are free of charge and offer you a more in-depth view of your destination. Be aware that sometimes it is still desirable that you tip or donate.

Be spontaneous

There is nothing better than to be able to just pack a bag and go. I know I said to plan ahead, but you don’t always have to. If you know which days you are available and have enough savings (hence, the upside of planning ahead), there is nothing wrong with a spontaneous trip every now and then. Enjoy life and be a little crazy!

That all being said, you can become a better traveler.. And don’t forget to just enjoy yourself!

What are your tips for becoming a better traveler?

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  1. I love travelling to bits too 🙂 When I plan to go on a holiday I spend hours to track down my favourite destination. Beeing spontaneous is a great way to explore, it takes you to places you’ve never been before. Simone from Zurich, Switzerland
    Simone recently posted…Restaurant Bar Basso, Zurich

    • Will Reply

      Yes, find a balance between planning and being spontaneous, and it will never be dull. Thanks Simone! X

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