Travel wishlist for 2017

2016 was a good travel year! I was on the road at least once a month last year and I am hoping the same, if not more, for 2017. I hope to explore as many places as possible and go on new adventures. Unfortunately, there is a limit to my time and budget ?. For that reason I have made a travel wishlist with a top three of places I MUST see this year (with a little help from Lonely Planet).Travel wishlist-2017-Lonely-Planet-the-world-Will's-Wanderlust-


I have only been in London once, which is a pity since it is fairly close to Amsterdam. So, time to head back and explore this multicultural city! I hope this city is going to steal my heart, as I am a big fan of NYC, but that is not exactly around the corner.. Maybe London can be my next big love? ♡


People call this city the Venice of the North, with its Scandinavian beauty divided over 14 islands. Each island with its own character and highlights.. Who wouldn’t be excited to see that? I am especially excited because I will visit Stockholm with my mom!


Yes, yes, I know.. everyone is going to Thailand and it is not original. I don’t care people. It is on my bucket list to go backpacking in Thailand. On that same list is also that I would like to wash an elephant in an elephant rescue park. I hope that I can cross these two things of my bucket list in 2017. Travel wishlist-2017-Lonely-Planet-the-world-Will's-Wanderlust

These are my top three destinations for 2017. If you have ever been at one of these places and if you have some tips, I would love to hear them! Share them in the comment below!

What is on your travel wishlist for 2017?

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